Vital, rampant, like a lover you embrace the cane Reaching to the sun, slender stemmed, white flowers abundant. With the passing of the solstice your juvenile crop, Tender, deep green,…

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More sowing and hard labour

With a brief but lovely sunny day yesterday I was able to complete the preparation of one of my polytunnels which will be planted up with new potatoes in the…

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2011 Time to get started

I hope you find the slightly new look website helpful.  It’s early February and I have already been busy sowing seeds in the greenhouse.  I started a couple of weeks…

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It’s the End of August Already

Dear Reader, Please forgive me for being so tardy with my blogging,but the last couple of months has seen terrific weather – both hot and dry and warm and wet….

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Early Summer Madness

Already it is the second weekend in June and I only have to blink to miss seeing how everything is growing.  but with success is disappointment.  my early peas, Feltham…

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