This film tells the story of my work as a seed detective saving rare and endangered vegetable varieties; my role as a seed guardian for the Heritage Seed Library and restoring a local pea as a part of Welsh food culture.


Adam has made it his job to track down the forgotten and abandoned varieties of edible crops, that are in danger of being lost for ever. All the foods we eat have fascinating stories as to how they became part of our diets and our cultures. Yet, in the last century, due to changes in farming practices, the world has lost 93% of its varieties of edible crops. Unique and delicious varieties are gone or are fast disappearing – beans with curious names, cucumbers as sweet as apples, kale that tastes like asparagus, peas as yellow as a buttercup. From the gardens of ancient mansions to war zones and countries undergoing huge social change, Adam, the Seed Detective, seeks out the seeds he can grow, savoUr and share, ensuring they are saved for all time.



A short film that tells the stories of three very special rare and endangered vegetables



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Three of my favourite peas looking blooming lovely. The promise of a brilliant mange tout to come with the purple flower of Jaune de Madras, the blousy flower of Dwarf Defiance and pretty double flowers of Carters Dwarf Sugar pea which are perfect for pots and small gardens


More planting out of crops for ⁦@HeritageSeedsUK⁩ using a pinch of excellent ⁦@CarbonGold⁩ in the planting hole. Morden Yellow is an ex-commercial Canadian cultivar no longer in production. Looking forward to see just how delicious they are and to save loads of seed.


The first pods of ⁦@HeritageSeedsUK⁩ dwarf pea Tom Thumb. Gorgeous in a pot and even better consumed

A trugfull of treats for a spring supper. Durham Early cabbage, Syrian Small broad beans and Douce Provence peas all grown from my home-saved seed. I cannot claim the asparagus which I bought as crowns. Too delicious to do anything more than steam and eat with a little butter 😋

Perfect weather for planting out @HeritageSeedsUK runner bean SIMM’s Corsair which I am growing out for seed for the library. Now time needed to encourage those leaders to twine 😋😋


⁦@RealFarmED⁩ ⁦@wrffc21⁩ offers of land for people seeking to start regenerative enterprises are up on the web. Interested in a new life on the land in Monmouthshire and the Brecon Beacons. Know people who are? For Land Seekers - Our Food 1200