Early Summer Madness

Already it is the second weekend in June and I only have to blink to miss seeing how everything is growing.  but with success is disappointment.  my early peas, Feltham First, which overwintered amazingly well, surviving the snow and freezing temperatures under their cloche, have proven to be a pathetic crop.  I am harvesting them, but the growth is poor and most of the plants have died.  I do not know why, as I have replaced a half row with mange tout which are growing like the clappers and look very happy.  Hey, ho, hopefully my main crop will prove more productive.  I am also growing some off-list varieties for the HSL.  They seem to be doing OK.

It’s not too late to sow beans and more peas.  but at this time of year I have run out of space.  I have cauliflower and purple sprouting plants to put in but they have to wait until a bit of space comes clear – following on from early potatoes and those useless peas.  I have sown runner beans and some climbing French beans in the last weeks of May and they are growing great guns.  it’s amazing how everything catches up when we have warmth and rain.

Now it’s a matter of weeding and more weeding, helping my beans climb their poles and harvesting lots of lovely salad crops, summer cabbage and the last of the carrots from the greenhouse.


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