May Madness

Despite my best efforts to keep up to date with my blog i am failing dismally.  needless to say, with an unbelievably cold May still ongoing the garden is not as advanced as it should be.  My early broad beans and overwintering peas are really very poor and I do not know what to do to get them going.  the beans are flowering but are pale and short.  Half my peas have died.

Meanwhile life in the polytunnels goes on but with cold nights the plants are not as advanced as they should be.  However, early sowings of Kenyan beans and sweet corn are doing well and the squash are starting to take off.

This weekend however is a time to put up canes around my Borlotto climbing beans and to plant out the remaining squash and cucumbers both outside and in the polytunnels.  My peppers and chillies have also been growing on slowly in pots but need to be planted out in teh greenhouses and polytunnels.

No peace for the wicked


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