I have grown many different varieties of cucumber over the years including modern all-female hybrids and traditional open-pollinated ones like Telegraph.  These videos are about my two favourite.


If this was the only cucumber I could grow this would be it!  I find it easy to cultivate, with heavy crops of unimpeachably delicious fruit absolutely at their best when the size in the photo.  From an April sowing I can be sure of a crop from late June until October.

DEKAH (aka Dekan)

This Ukrainian heritage variety from the Crimea was held by the Heritage Seed Library and is now available commercially again.  A rough skin, which hides a finely flavoured fruit.  I also like to harvest the fruit when immature and pickle as a gherkin


What a lovely name for an easy to grow and heavy cropping ridge cucumber – one that is allowed to grow on the ground.  Very tasty small yellow fruit that you can harvest all summer long both under cover and outside.


A hybrid commercial variety now widely sold as Mini-muncher.  Small fruits with heavy crops that can be harvested over a long season.  Not nearly as good as my Syrian cucumbers and you cannot save the seed, but recommended non-the-less

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