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I have a library of nearly 500 different varieties of vegetable seeds. Every year I grow up to 70 varieties from which to save seed. Many are returned to the Heritage Seed Library. Other I keep to refresh my stocks to grow for the table and the rest I like to share. Many are in my latest seed catalogue which is updated at the end of the year. Seeds can remain viable for many years if looked after. I recommend that if you want to keep seeds for more than a year you should store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. I have some varieties that have been stored for more than20 years and which continue to remain viable.

To help cover my costs I ask for a donation of £1 for each packet plus postage of £1.50  Payment can be made using PayPal or by bank transfer (details provided with your order).  Alternatively, you can send me an S.A.E. with a donation of stamps.

If you would like to try some of my seeds please email me: to check that I have what you require.

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Sometimes I simply let plants drop their seed where they will and see what happens. This parade of poppies is the result of pure neglect!! They delight every year. How they arrived I know not but I am mighty glad they have made the path around the house home


Saving seed of the leek Autumn Late Giant. It’s a commercial variety and I harvest through to early April. Kept back a dozen plants for seed. Soon the bees will be all over the attractive flowers and I will collect seed in the autumn

I love saving carrot seed. These @HeritageSeedsUK Red Elephant are an ex-commercial Australian variety. Such lovely flowers too


Time to lift my Omani garlic I discovered on the Sayiq plateau in 2010. Pungent, early, great fresh and very happy in Wales😋😋. Will plant for 2023 in October


This is the second of my early dwarf French beans, Blue Jay. A Canadian heirloom widely cultivated it was the result of accidental crossing in 1978 and subsequently shared @SeedsDiversity heavy cropping, scrumptious and compact so great for small spaces

I’m having this little darling for supper tonight. The first of my Syrian cucumbers from seed I brought back from Damascus in 2011. Simply the best. Once tasted no other comes close 😋😋