BLUE JAY. A heavy-cropping Canadian heritage variety with attractive, speckle purple and green slender pods.  Very nice eating. Does well from an early sowing under cloches and is ideal for growing in containers.


DRAGON’S TONGUE. A rare and delicious American heritage variety that I acquired from the American Seed Savers’ Exchange.  The gorgeous pods can be harvested over a long growing season.  They turn a creamy colour when cooked.

KING OF THE EARLY. This Canadian heritage variety is great for an early sowing under a cloche or glass. Reliable and tasty.


NANO GIALLI. A decorative and fine quality Italian commercial variety that now appears to be unavailable.  It does very well sown in large pots and containers producing stringless yellow pods through the summer

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I keep pinching myself when such wonderful and talented writers and cooks including @darinaallen say lovely things about my book (details of where and how to pre-order can be found on my website if you would like to purchase a copy) @chelseagreen @munachoc @sheilland

Shelling out of the sun. Blue Jay is a tasty Canadian heirloom. I thee a 1 metre double row which yielded lots of yummy fresh beans and this lot to save the seed and share @chelseagreen @cmcollins_hort

They don’t look like much but this coriander (ciltrano to my American friends 😋) are ready for harvesting and will provide me with enough seed to keep me in curries and fresh herbs for the next year @chelseagreen @rekha181 @HeritageSeedsUK


A couple of yummy cherry tommies going into my tummy tonight. The mother of them all pimpinellifolium and Pink Princess. Hope to have lots of seed to share in 2023