BLUE JAY. A heavy-cropping Canadian heritage variety with attractive, speckle purple and green slender pods.  Very nice eating. Does well from an early sowing under cloches and is ideal for growing in containers.  HAs the most beautiful speckled blue seeds too.

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DRAGON’S TONGUE. A rare and delicious American heritage variety that I acquired from the American Seed Savers’ Exchange.  The gorgeous pods can be harvested over a long growing season.  They turn a creamy colour when cooked.

HAWKESBURY WONDER.  An Australian commercial variety, this prolific cropper can be grown over a long season and produces crops of delicious and tender FLAT beans which hold well.  I think they are yummy and very easy to grow.  Season can be extended by growing under a cloche.


KING OF THE EARLY. This Canadian heritage variety is great for an early sowing under a cloche or glass. Grown primarily as a drying bean it is also very tasty when harvested as a young fresh green bean. Reliable and tasty.


NANO GIALLI. A decorative and fine quality Italian commercial variety that now appears to be unavailable.  It does very well sown in large pots and containers producing stringless yellow pods through the summer

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