DOUX DES LANDES (C. annuum) A most satisfying long Cayenne type of sweet pepper from western France.  If given time and space this variety can grow up to 30cms long although I have only achieved about 25cms.  Delightful and delicious.

GERRARD’S TOBAGO (C. chinense) Brought back from a trip to Tobago by my fried Gerrard, this is a sweet pepper with just a little heat.  Grows tall and crops well frommid-summer into autumn.

MARCONNI ROSSO. A beautiful, sweet and very crunchy Italian commercial variety which is widely available.  My go-to pepper for salads, soups, sauces and more

MOROCCO. First collected in 1997 from a desert oasis in eastern Morocco. Up to 3-inch three-lobbed boxy hot and sweet chilli pepper that turns brilliant red when ripe. Plants grow to 3 feet in height. Does well in a greenhouse border or pots. Best grown under glass but worth trying in a sunny, sheltered spot.  Sweet, fruity and with a little heat

ROMANIAN GALLO. This classic heritage variety is lovely pickled when green but also is delicious stuffed when turning red and ripe.

SYRIAN SQUARE. A commercial variety bred by Future Seeds in Aleppo.  This colourful sweet pepper has some heat.  A terrific all-rounder.

UKRAINE. This is the first vegetable I ever saved the seed of after discovering it in a market in Donetsk in 1988.  A classic heirloom it had been grown for generations by the family of a little old lady who sold vegetables she grew in her garden. Very tasty and now well adapted to grow in the British climate. Does well outside in a sunny, sheltered spot.  It’s multi-lobed tennis-ball sized fruit are sweet with some heat.


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I keep pinching myself when such wonderful and talented writers and cooks including @darinaallen say lovely things about my book (details of where and how to pre-order can be found on my website if you would like to purchase a copy) @chelseagreen @munachoc @sheilland

Shelling out of the sun. Blue Jay is a tasty Canadian heirloom. I thee a 1 metre double row which yielded lots of yummy fresh beans and this lot to save the seed and share @chelseagreen @cmcollins_hort

They don’t look like much but this coriander (ciltrano to my American friends 😋) are ready for harvesting and will provide me with enough seed to keep me in curries and fresh herbs for the next year @chelseagreen @rekha181 @HeritageSeedsUK


A couple of yummy cherry tommies going into my tummy tonight. The mother of them all pimpinellifolium and Pink Princess. Hope to have lots of seed to share in 2023