Here you will find a selection of articles I have written for print and on-line magazines

An article commissioned by The Sustainable Food Trust on a fact-finding trip to the remarkable region of Korca in SE Albania, a haven for diversity of vegetable landraces published in September 2023

An article about discovering local varieties of vegetables around the world:  Simple Things article Nov 2022

An article for The Cottage Garden Society about discovering and conserving Welsh heritage vegetables CGS 2022 Saving Welsh heritage vegetables

A short article for a Bristol magazine WHY SAVE YOUR OWN VEGETABLE SEEDS for Bristol Property Live

An article I wrote for The Cottage Garden Society about the benefits, pleasures and easy of saving seeds:   Cottage Garden Society

An article about the importance of growing and saving heritage and heirloom varieties of vegetables which appeared in the Qantas in-flight magazine:   Qantas magazine

The story behind the re-discovery of the Mathania chilli in Rajasthan written for The Sustainable Food Trust:   Sustainable Food Trust

An article for The Organic Way about a journey I took along the Mekong River in Laos and Cambodia where I made some remarkable discoveries:   Gardens of the Mekong

A piece I wrote for The Organic Way about my work as a seed detective:   Notes from a seed collector

An article titled Southeast Wales – A hotbed of heritage vegetables about saving and sharing local Welsh varieties of garden crops:   Monmouthshire Voice

An article about growing vegetables alongside ornamentals in a flower border for The Cottage Garden Society:   Vegetables in the border

|n article I wrote for The Organic Way -an account of a late September afternoon seed saving:  The diary of a seed saver


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